Homework 1

Due on Thursday February 17 before midnight


This homework must be done individually. No copying is permitted.

  1. (10 points) Write a regular expression for identifiers consisting of letters, digits, the undersore character '_', and starting with a lowercase letter or the undersore character '_'.

  2. (30 points) Consider the following grammar:
    E ← id
     | id ( L )
     | id ( )
     | E . id
     | E + E
    L ← L , E
     | E
    where id is an identifier. Show that the grammar is ambiguous by drawing two different parse trees for the sentence:

  3. (40 points) Convert the grammar of Problem 2 using left recursion elimination and left factoring. (That is, rewrite the grammar in such as way that is ready for predictive parsing.)

  4. (20 points) Convert the following EBNF to BNF.
    S ← E { + E }
    E ← id [ ( E { , E } ) ]

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