Homework 3

Due on Thursday March 31 before midnight


This homework must be done individually. No copying is permitted.

  1. (40 points) Consider the following C program:
    int fun (int* i) {
      *i += 5;
      return 5;
    void main () {
      int x = 3;
      x = x + fun(&x);
    What is the value of x after the assignment statement in main, assuming
    1. operands are evaluated left to right.
    2. operands are evaluated right to left.

  2. (20 points) Problem 7.14 in the textbook (p301).

  3. (20 points) Problem 7.21 in the textbook (p302).

  4. (20 points) Problem 7.22 in the textbook (p302).

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