CSE3330/5330 Project #3

Thursday April 1, before midnight
Worth 5% of the final grade


You need to use phpMyAdmin to manage your database from a web browser. Open https://omega.uta.edu/myadmin/ on a web browser. You should be prompted for a username and password. Your MySQL user name is your NetID and your MySQL password is your omega password, but it must be entered in all lower case for MySQL login and should not exceed 8 characters. If you cannot login to phpadmin web site, please contact the OIT Computing Helpdesk. Please look MySQL Account Information for more information. There is online documentation available from this web page. On the left-side menu, select the database under your user name. Then you can create new tables by specifying the table name and number of rows. Recall that each table must have exactly one key, which may consist of more than one attributes. To specify that an attribute is a foreign key, you go to the Structure menu of the table and select "Relation view". Then you edit the Internal Relations, which are basically the foreign keys.


Create your BestTravel database using phpMyAdmin based on your Project #2 schema and insert some data into the tables. Each table should contain at least 3 rows. Try to write your data in such way that you can get meaningful answers for various queries (such as "give me the flight number of a certain reservation"). You should declare all keys and foreign keys in your schema.

You must handin your relational schema as follows. From the phpMyAdmin, select your database and then select Export. Note that this exports the entire database, not a single table. From the Export form, check the Relations box at the "Add into comments" menu and the "Save as file" box at the bottom. Then push Go and save your file (the filename should be your username .sql). Then you use the following form to submit this file electronically. You may submit it as many times as you like, but only the most recently submitted file will be retained and evaluated.

Submit Project #3:

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