CSE5194 Assignment


The goal of this assignment is to become familiar with the research work of a CSE professor and to motivate you to switch to the thesis degree option by possibly completing a MS thesis under the guidance of this professor. The assignment is to find a recent research paper coauthored by a CSE professor, read it carefully, and write a short summary. This assignment must be done individually. No copying is permitted. Plagiarism and Collusion at any level will not be tolerated and will reult to an F in the course.


Choose a paper: Deadline: Friday October 03, 2014 before midnight.
Submit your report: Deadline: Friday November 21, 2014 before midnight.

Choose a Research Paper

Students must choose a paper authored/co-authored by a current CSE faculty and write a critique report that is at least 3 pages long. The published paper,

  1. Should be authored/co-authored by a current CSE faculty.
  2. Should be from a workshop, conference, or journal published on or after 2005.
  3. Should be at least 8 pages long.
No more than three students are allowed to critique the same paper. The students must choose a paper before the deadline (10/03/2014). Use the following web site to select a research paper:


Write the Report

The final report (3-pages minimum, double-spaced, 11pts font) must:

  1. Summarize the main ideas/contributions of the paper;
  2. Discuss how it differs from related or previous work on the topic;
  3. Express your opinion on the published work.
Make sure that: For any questions, contact the GTA Sakthi Kumaran Shanmuganathan:
Office: ERB 503 (or ERB 514)
Office hours: MO & TUE 3.30 pm to 5 pm
E-mail: sakthi.shanmuganathan@mavs.uta.edu
Use the form below to submit your final report before the deadline (11/21/2014). We do not accept email or hardcopy submissions. You need a username and password to submit your project. You should have already received an email from your instructor at your mavs.uta.edu account with your username and password. You may submit multiple files, if you like, as long as they have different names. These files are automatically uploaded directly into your personal class account for this particular assignment. You may submit your report as many times as you like, but only the most recently submitted file will be retained and evaluated (newly submitted files replace the old files under the same file name). After you submit the report, please double-check that your submitted file is correct by clicking on the Status link and by downloading the file. If you cannot login or have a problem submitting the project using this form, ask the GTA for help.

Submit the paper summary:

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