CSE5317/4305 Project #6 (Rest of IRs)

Due Tuesday April 23 before midnight

Worth 16% of your project grade

For this project, you are asked to generate the Intermediate Representation (IR) structures for every AST left out from project #5.

You need to modify the file Code.gen to handle array and record construction, array indexing, record projection, function/procedure call, and function/procedure prologue/epilogue. The frame layout will be similar to that in Section 7.2 in the notes, but function arguments are pushed in the stack from left to right. The register v0 is used in passing the static link from the caller to the callee. This is done implicitly inside the IR Call(f,sl,...). There are two different cases for the static link. Lets say that caller_level and callee_level are the nesting levels of the caller and the callee procedures (recall that the nesting level of a top-level procedure is 0, while the nesting level of a nested procedure embedded inside another procedure with nesting level n, is n+1). When the callee is lexically inside the caller's body, that is, when callee_level=caller_level+1, the static link is Reg(fp). Otherwise, we follow the static link of the caller d+1 times, where d=caller_level-callee_level (the difference between the nesting level of the caller from that of the callee). For d=0, that is, when both caller and callee are at the same level, we have Mem(Binop(PLUS,Reg(fp),Const(-8))). For d=2 we have:


You need to run your parser against all tests/*.pcat files. For example:

run 6 hello
You also need to compare your output with that of the solution:
solution 6 hello
Another test, which is optional, is to temporarily remove the Mips.gen file and run, eg.
run 7 hello
that will convert your IR code into MIPS using the solution and will run it using SPIM. (If it gives you a compilation error in PCAT.java, remove the line "Mips.rpool = new RegisterPool();".)

After ensuring that your program compiles and executes correctly, cleanup your pcat directory using clean Then, if you are using Linux/MacOS, archive your pcat directory using tar cfz pcat.tgz pcat. If you are using Windows, zip the pcat directory into the file pcat.zip. Then submit your file (pcat.tgz or pcat.zip) here:

Submit Project #6:

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