Outline of cse5335




Reading Material

Tuesday 1/20 Course Description    
Thursday 1/22 Introduction   Slides: Introduction
Tuesday 1/27 Class canceled    
Thursday 1/29 Client-Side Web Programming   Slides: Web Programming
Resources: JavaScript Tutorial
Tuesday 2/03 Server-Side Web Programming   Resources: PHP Manual, PHP Tutorial
Thursday 2/05 Web Programming with PHP Scripts    
Tuesday 2/10 Web Programming with Servlets project 1 is due Slides: Web Programming with Servlets
Resources: NetBeans Web Apps
Thursday 2/12 NetBeans demo    
Tuesday 2/17 class canceled due to weather    
Thursday 2/19 DTD and Namespaces project 2 is due Slides: DTD and XML Schema
Resources: DTD Tutorial
Tuesday 2/24 XML Schema   Resources: XML Schema Tutorial
Thursday 2/26 XPath project 3 is due Slides: XML Query Languages
Resources: XPath Tutorial, XPath Tutorial
Tuesday 3/03 XPath   Resources: XSLT Tutorial, XSLT tutorial,
XSL Transformations (by XML Bible)
Thursday 3/05 XSLT project 4 is due  
Tuesday 3/10 Midterm Exam    
Thursday 3/12 XML Programming: DOM   Slides: XML Programming in Java
Resources: DOM Java binding
Tu 3/17, Thu 3/19 NO CLASS (Spring Break)    
Tuesday 3/24 XML Programming: SAX and StAX   Resources: SAX quickstart
Thursday 3/26 XQuery project 5 is due Slides: XQuery
Resources: XQuery: A Query Language for XML
What is XQuery? XQuery: A Guided Tour
Tuesday 3/31 XQuery    
Thursday 4/02 XML and Relational Databases project 6 is due Slides: XML and Relational Databases
Tuesday 4/07 XML and Relational Databases    
Thursday 4/09 XML Indexing project 7 is due  
Tuesday 4/14 Oracle XML DB    Slides: Oracle XML DB
Resources: XQuery in Oracle
Thursday 4/16 Information Retrieval project 8 is due Slides: IR and Web Search
Additional reading: ir1, ir2, ir3
Tuesday 4/21 Web services   Slides: Web Services
Thursday 4/23 XML Lab   Slides: XML Research at UTA
Tuesday 4/28 XML Lab project 9 is due  
Thursday 4/30 Course Review    
Tuesday 5/05 NO CLASS project 10 is due  
Thursday 5/07 NO CLASS    
Tuesday May 12
Final Exam (Comprehensive)    

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