Programming Assignment #10
Web Services

Due on Tuesday May 5 before midnight.


This project must be done individually. No copying is permitted. The purpose of this project is to call an existing Web Service using Netbeans.


You will do this project on your own PC/laptop using Netbeans as in Project #3 (or you can use any of the UTA lab PCs with Netbeans),

The Dictionary Web Service

For this project, you will use the Dictionary Service provided by available at DictService. In particular, you will use the SOAP 1.2 method for the Web Service DefineInDict, which requires the Dictionary name (use wn) and one English word and returns the dectionary definition of this word. In Netbeans, create a new application by choosing "New Project ...", then Categories: "Java", Projects: "Java Application", then give it a Project Name, and push Finish. Then select "New File ...", then select Categories: "Web Services", File Types: "Web Service Client", and then use the WSDL URL, choose your Package and push Finish. Then go to the program and right-click on the body of main, choose "Web Service Client Resources", then "Call Web Service Operation", and choose DefineInDict inside DictServiceSoap12. After that, you need to modify the main program so that:

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