Outline of cse6331




Reading Material

Thursday 08/23 Course organization    
Tuesday 08/28 Cloud Computing   bigdata-l01.pdf
Read: A view of cloud computing,
VMWare: Virtualization Overview
Thursday 08/30 Cloud Computing    
Tuesday 09/04 Cloud Computing    
Thursday 09/06 Map-Reduce Fundamentals   bigdata-l02.pdf
Read: MapReduce: A Flexible Data Processing Tool,
MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
Tuesday 09/11 Map-Reduce Fundamentals    
Thursday 09/13 Map-Reduce Fundamentals   Read: Sections 2.1 and 2.2 from Map-Reduce and the New Software Stack
Tuesday 09/18 Map-Reduce Fundamentals    
Thursday 09/20 Map-Reduce Design Patterns   bigdata-l03.pdf
Read: Section 2.3 from Map-Reduce and the New Software Stack
Tuesday 09/25 Map-Reduce Design Patterns Final project explained  
Thursday 09/27 Map-Reduce Design Patterns Project 1 is due  
Tuesday 10/02 Map-Reduce Design Patterns    
Thursday 10/04 Map-Reduce Design Patterns    
Tuesday 10/09 Apache Spark Project 2 is due bigdata-l04.pdf
Read: Spark Tutorial
Resilient Distributed Datasets
Thursday 10/11 Apache Spark    
Tuesday 10/16 Apache Spark Deadline to choose a final project Read: Spark Programming Guide
Thursday 10/18 Apache Spark Project 3 is due  
Tuesday 10/23 Apache Spark    
Thursday 10/25 Apache Pig   bigdata-l05.pdf
Read: Pig Latin
Tuesday 10/30 Apache Pig Project 4 is due  
Thursday 11/01 Apache Hive   Read: Hive
Tuesday 11/06 Apache Hive    
Thursday 11/08 Spark SQL Project 5 is due Read: Spark SQL
Tuesday 11/13 Graph Processing with Pregel and Giraph   bigdata-l06.pdf
Read: Pregel
Thursday 11/15 BigTable   bigdata-l07.pdf
Tuesday 11/20 MRQL Project 6 is due bigdata-l08.pdf
Thursday 11/22 NO CLASS (Thanksgiving holidays)    
Tuesday 11/27 Student Presentations    
Thursday 11/29 Student Presentations    
Tuesday 12/04 Student Presentations Deadline to submit the final project  
Thursday 12/06
Final Exam    

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