CSE6331 Large Project

You can either work individually or form a group of two. If you work in a group of two, your project must be more challenging than a project done individually. The large project can be one from the choices listed below or can be something related to your own research interests. In either case, the project must be approved by the GTA. There will be a short presentation (10 minutes) of each project at the end of the semester.


You need to send email to the GTA at mdhasanuzzaman.noor@mavs.uta.edu before the midnight of Tuesday October 16 the title of your project and a paragraph that explains the details, such as, what is the problem that you try to solve, what kind of data representation and datasets you will use, are you going to generate random data or use real datasets?, what framework you will use, what programming language, etc. Please use "cse6331 project selection" in the subject line of your email. If you want to work as a team of two, you need to list the two names in your email, and CC the other student too. The deadline to complete the final project and submit your code is Tuesday December 4 before midnight. There will be a short presentation (10 minutes) of each project at the end of the semester. You will need to prepare PowerPoint or PDF slides (3-5 pages) to describe your project (problem, challenges, datasets used, lessons learned, etc).

Some ideas for Projects

Here are some ideas for individual projects:

You can get real data for your project from the following links.



  1. Deadline to select a project is Tuesday October 16 before the midnight
  2. Deadline to submit your final project files is Tuesday December 4 before midnight

What to Submit

You need to submit your files (code, logs, small output) and your slides using the following form. If you have worked as a team of two, submit your files once only under one account. You can submit files up to 8MB. So don't submit any big data or results.

Submit Final Project:

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