LDB version 0.6 is an object-oriented database management system built on top of SHORE 3.0. It supports ODMG ODL specifications and can handle most ODMG OQL queries (but it is not fully ODMG-compliant yet). Please send your comments and report any bugs to fegaras@cse.uta.edu.



Copyright Notice

Copyright © 1999-2004 by Leonidas Fegaras, the University of Texas at Arlington. All rights reserved.
This material is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty expressed or implied. Any use is at your own risk.
Permission is hereby granted to use or copy this program for any purpose, provided the above copyright notice is retained on all copies. See the README file in the distribution for more details. This work was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under grant IIS-9811525. The theoretical framework of this system was developed by Leonidas Fegaras and David Maier. The implementation was done by Leonidas Fegaras and by UTA students.

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