Current status of LDB

LDB version 0.6 (released on 01/13/2004)

Changed the source files to work with SHORE 3.0 interim snapshot and gcc 3.2.

LDB version 0.5 (released on 7/10/2003)

Minor Changes:

LDB version 0.4 (released on 4/14/2003)


LDB version 0.3 (released on 3/31/2003)



LDB version 0.2 (released on 2/21/2003)


To be done:

LDB version 0.1 (released on 9/9/2002)

First release of LDB based on SHORE 2.0. The major difference between the old Lambda-DB and the new LDB is that LDB uses the SHORE 2.0 storage manager while Lambda-DB uses the higher-level SDL layer of SHORE 1.1.1. The main reason for this major change is that the SHORE project does not support SDL any more. To use the SHORE 2.0 storage manager, we had to write our own VAS (Value-Added Server), which looks similar to that of SDL (directory storage_manager). Like SHORE 2.0, LDB can hopefully be ported to many different platforms, even though we have only test it on Linux and Solaris. Currently, LDB is single-user (not client-server) and does not automatically enforce ODL relationships (must be set by hand). These will be fixed in a future release. Finally, the evaluation engine needs lots of fine-tuning.

Please look at Lambda-DB status for the status of the old lambda-DB releases.

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