Research Papers

  1. Leonidas Fegaras. Incremental Query Processing on Big Data Streams. January 2017.
  2. Leonidas Fegaras. Supporting Bulk Synchronous Parallelism in Map-Reduce Queries. DataCloud'12.
  3. Leonidas Fegaras, Chengkai Li, and Upa Gupta. An Optimization Framework for Map-Reduce Queries. EDBT'12.
  4. Leonidas Fegaras, Chengkai Li, Upa Gupta, and Jijo J. Philip. XML Query Optimization in Map-Reduce. WebDB'11, Athens, June 2011.
  5. Leonidas Fegaras. A Schema-Based Translation of XQuery Updates. Submitted to a conference, 2010.

  6. Leonidas Fegaras. Propagating Updates through XML Views using Lineage Tracing. ICDE, 2010.

  7. Leonidas Fegaras. Processing Continuous Historical Queries over XML Update Streams. Unpublished, 2008.

  8. Leonidas Fegaras. Efficient Processing of XML Update Streams. ICDE'08, Cancun, April 2008.

  9. Weimin He, Leonidas Fegaras, David Levine. Indexing and Searching XML Documents based on Content and Structure Synopses. BNCOD 2007, Glasgow, July 2007.

  10. Leonidas Fegaras, Weimin He, Gautam Das, and David Levine. XML Query Routing in Structured P2P Systems. DBISP2P 2006. Seoul, Korea. September, 2006.

  11. Leonidas Fegaras, Ranjan Dash, and YingHui Wang. A Fully Pipelined XQuery Processor. XIME-P 2006. Chicago, June 2006.

  12. Sujoe Bose and Leonidas Fegaras. XFrag: A Query Processing Framework for Fragmented XML Data.. WebDB 2005, Baltimore, Maryland, May 2005. (ps pdf)

  13. Leonidas Fegaras. XQuery Processing with Relevance Ranking. XSYM'04 workshop, Toronto, August 2004. (ps.gz ps pdf)

  14. Leonidas Fegaras. The Joy of SAX. First International Workshop on XQuery Implementation, Experience and Perspectives (XIME-P 2004). (ps.gz ps pdf)

  15. Sujoe Bose and Leonidas Fegaras. Data Stream Management for Historical XML Data.. SIGMOD Conference 2004, Paris, France. (ps.gz ps pdf)

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  21. Leonidas Fegaras, Chandrasekhar Srinivasan, Arvind Rajendran, David Maier. lambda-DB: An ODMG-Based Object-Oriented DBMS. SIGMOD Conference 2000, page 583. (ps.gz ps pdf)

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  27. L. Fegaras. An Experimental Optimizer for OQL. University of Texas at Arlington Technical Report TR-CSE-97-007. (ps.gz ps pdf)

  28. L. Fegaras and R. Elmasri. A Temporal Object Query Language and an Optimization Framework. In Fifth International Workshop on Temporal Representation and Reasoning (TIME-98) Sanibel Island, Florida, May 1998. Also University of Texas at Arlington Technical Report TR-CSE-97-006. (ps.gz ps pdf)

  29. L. Fegaras. A Polymorphic Calculus for Database Languages. University of Texas at Arlington Technical Report TR-CSE-97-005. (ps.gz ps pdf)

  30. L. Fegaras. Using the Parametricity Theorem for Program Fusion. Oregon Graduate Institute Technical Report 96-001. (ps.gz ps pdf)

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