Download, uncompress and unzip. In unix, this is done using:

tar xfz xqp.tgz
To compile the files, you need Sun's J2SE SDK Java and the jar files: To compile XQP on Unix:
  1. change the CLASSPATH in Makefile
  2. do "make"
  3. do "make run" to create a peer
On Windows:
  1. change the first lines of make.bat and run.bat to point to your jar files
  2. do "make"
  3. do "run" to create a peer

Note that you may have to provide a Java security policy file with sufficient permissions to allow FreePastry to contact other nodes. The simplest way to do this is to install a .java.policy file with the following content into your home directory:

grant {
The files,, and have been generated automatically by the JLex scanner generator and the CUP parser generator. The files * and xquery.cup have been generated automatically by the Gen package for abstract syntax trees. Do not modify these files; change the *.gen files instead. The documentation for the GEN package is given at

To run simulations on one PC using 1000s of peers, do

make simulation
on unix or run simulation on windows. To run XMark benchmarks, do on unix:
make xmlgen
make benchmarks

Copyright (c) 2005 by Leonidas Fegaras, the University of Texas at Arlington. All rights reserved. This material is provided as is, with absolutely no warranty expressed or implied. Any use is at your own risk. Permission is hereby granted to use or copy this program for any purpose, provided the above notices are retained on all copies.

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